Of Masters and Their Slaves

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Hezbollah Connection

The convicted felon Rafic Labboun is Wilhelm Dyck on forged Belizean passport
The convicted felon Rafic Labboun
is Wilhelm Dyck on forged
Belizean passport
The Barrow Administration continues to claim that it has no idea how known terror suspect, Rafic Mohammad Labboun "Allaboun," obtained a false Belizean birth certificate, passport and driver’s license in only two days.

Labboun stole a Belizean Mennonite identity, Wilhelm Dyck, with assistance from personnel from the Vital Statistics Unit. He then applied for a Belizean passport under that false identity and obtained the travel document easily from the Belize City passport office. And then he travelled to Belmopan where the Mayor’s son-in-law, Traffic Manager Kevin Jones, personally processed his first time driver’s license even after the cut-off time had passed.

Information to the BELIZE TIMES indicates that Labboun also obtained a fake Social Security Card, which may require an investigation of that office as well.

The Belize Minister of Immigration Godwin Hulse
The Belize Minister of Immigration
Godwin Hulse
The Minister of Immigration, Godwin Hulse, has struggled with the investigation. He finds himself in the biggest scandal of recent UDP history. Not only is it a national shame, but also an international embarrassment as Labboun was caught with the Belizean passport by U.S. CIA forces in Mexico. The news went global, and everyone knows it was under Hulse’s watch that such corruption manifested. The embarrassment is intensified by the fact that two weeks later, he still can’t give answers.

And while the investigations into that one case continue, more immigration red flags are surfacing. There is the case of one Fidel Garcia who has a passport addressed at Barrack Road, but there is not such person with that name living on Barrack Road. A series of Lebanese-owned stores do adorn Barrack Road.

There is also the case of Visas issued to questionable persons travelling from Nepal and India. The businessmen travel to Belize through Central and South America and claim their trip is paid for by a certain store in San Ignacio Town.

Barrack Road, Belize City, Belize

This article was first published by The Belize Times.

Rafic Labboun is an imam with the Northern California-based Shia Association of Bay Area (Saba Center of San Jose) and Fatimiyya Islamic Center of Hayward.

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