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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hezbollah terror suspect Rafic Labboun detained in Central America with fake documents

A terror suspect belonging to deadly Hezbollah has been arrested in Belize after he was found in possession of fake birth certificate, passport and a driver’s license all obtained within 48 hours, Belize Times reported.

Rafic Mohammad Labboun Allaboun
Rafic Mohammad Labboun "Allaboun"
Rafic Mohammad Labboun "Allaboun," who is on terror watch, has obtained the documents by presenting a fake name and bogus checks. According to the investigators the name provided was genuine, but the person has passed-away a long time ago.

Fill text for the article that appeared on Belize Times is below… Belize risks being plunged into terror watch in the eyes of the international community following the arrest of an alleged terror suspect who was caught using a Belizean passport. So far, investigations have revealed that Rafic Labboun obtained the passport just 14 days ago, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Preliminary investigations into Labboun’s activities in Belize have revealed a web of corruption that persists in Belize and is encouraged by a lack of political will to implement reforms. Labboun was not only able to obtain a first-time Belizean passport in less than 24 hours, but he also obtained a valid birth certificate and driver’s license in 72 hours.

Rafic Labboun is Wilhelm Dyck, a deceased Mennonite infant, on a forged Belizean passport
Rafic Labboun is Wilhelm Dyck,
a deceased Mennonite infant,
on a forged Belizean passport
Normal Belizeans wait 3 days to a week, or sometimes forever, to get their passports. Birth certificates take no less than 24 hours and sometimes weeks to process. But not for Labboun. On August 29th 2012 he went to the Vital Statistics Unit where he applied for a birth certificate in the name of Wilhelm Dyck. Checks have shown that Dyck was a real person. He was born on February 1976, but died two months in April 1976. Only someone who works inside the VSU would have been aware of this information, signalling inside collusion. The certificate was provided the following day, August 30th.With a newly printed birth certificate, Labboun used his new Belizean identity to apply for a Belizean passport. His application was reportedly signed by Justice of the Peace Julianna Arana and was taken to the Passport Office in Belize City. Coincidentally, Arana’s house burnt down in a suspected arson over the weekend as she attended a funeral outside of Belize City. Information suggests that upon inspecting the first time application, the junior officer at the passport office refused the application since it required a physical identification. But the applicant decided to override the officer and went to a senior immigration office. Shortly after, the passport application was accepted and Labboun collected his new Belize/CARICOM passport.

Next Labboun wanted a driver’s license, and investigations show, he applied for it in the City of Belmopan on August 31st 2012. A copy of the issued driver’s license card now obtained by Police shows that the number series doesn’t even correspond with the current number series.

Rafic Labboun (a.k.a. Wilhelm Dyck) preaching at Fatimiyya Islamic Center of Hayward, CA.
Rafic Labboun (a.k.a. Wilhelm Dyck) preaching at Fatimiyya Islamic Center of Hayward, CA.

The investigations are just starting, but already they paint a very messy picture. The Police have been unable to obtain the actual application forms for Allabboun’s birth certificate and passport. Those have disappeared from the Vital Statistics Unit and the Passport Office in Belize City.

So, how could such an individual so easily obtain valid Belizean documents? Who are the insiders in the VSU and Passport Office? These are the questions that investigators are seeking answers to.Interestingly, none of the Ministers of Immigration, who normally have all the answers and love the media limelight, are showing their faces to answer questions. Barrow Administration officials are apparently hiding from the tough questions, when this is a matter of serious national security.

Elvin Penner, who is the Minister designated to Immigration, was caught as recent March of this year, personally paying for nationality documents and passports for new residents. Did Labboun recognise how loose the immigration policies are and decided to make his move?

Hezbollah suicide bombers parading in Lebanon
Hezbollah suicide bombers parading in Lebanon

And where is Carlos Perdomo, the former Immigration Minister, under whose watch planes landed at the international airport at nights loaded with illegal Chinese migrants who had Belizean Visa documents. Police claimed that the Visa was provided illegally by inside Passport employees, but none were ever convicted of the crimes.

The Prime Minister did remove Perdomo, however, replacing him with Mr. Goody-too-shoes Godwin Hulse who has allowed having someone such as Elvin Penner take charge of Belize’s passport and visa Departments.

This article was first published by Guardian Express.

Rafic Labboun is an imam with the Northern California-based Shia Association of Bay Area (Saba Center of San Jose) and Fatimiyya Islamic Center of Hayward.

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